Photo by Donna Christenson

Welcome to DCdigest™!

"An abstainer is a weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure." --Ambrose Bierce

There are no such weak persons here! When you love the pleasure of food and wine, music, art, film, theater and travel, the one thing that makes it even better is sharing it all with friends. For years friends have come to me for advice on restaurants to try, food & wine pairings, gastronomic, cultural and social events. "Ask Donna ...she always knows what's going on!" As a former winemaker and current wine judge, I strive to demystify wine and encourage its enjoyment. My experiences as a television reporter, a writer, photographer and wine educator all led me to create DCdigest.

The dictionary defines "digest" as follows:

di·gest (dījest′)

1. Transitive verb -To process food in the body into a form that can be absorbed and used

2. To think over so as to understand; absorb or assimilate.

3. To organize into a systematic arrangement, usually by summarizing or classifying.

The goal of DC digest is to explore the vast world of food, wine and fun in and around Washington, DC, in Florida, and far beyond in our travels, digesting the salient information according to the second and third meanings of the term so that you are free to relax and enjoy the first one!

Keep in mind that if you're not having fun, you're probably not doing it right!


Donna Christenson